About Lucy

Lucy Cooke is an award-winning television producer and presenter, best-selling author and National Geographic explorer with a Masters in zoology.

‘Lucy Cooke is an exciting new face for the channel, bringing a unique wit and insatiable curiosity to natural history programming. Lucy invites us all to think about the natural world in new and surprising ways you haven’t thought of before’
Charlotte Moore, controller BBC1


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The Power of Sloth

The Power of the Sloth

The Power of Sloth is Lucy’s homage to the world’s laziest mammal and features her funny photos alongside surprising facts about these massively misunderstood animals. As founder of the Sloth Appreciation Society, this NY Times best-seller follows on from her award-winning documentaries and viral videos about sloths. Sloth lovers: visit the Slothville site or buy the Power of Sloth book.

Three new TV series for 2016

Lucy Cooke and Meerkat

Lucy has been busy filming three new series for 2016. Ingenious Animals will air on primetime BBC1 in September and sees Lucy investigate stories of extraordinary animal behaviour. Nature’s Miracle Orphans followed stories of rescued animals and aired on BBC1 in March. And on ITV1 she will be presenting a six part series on Animal Births.