National Geographic LogoLucy’s irreverent Amphibian Avenger blog documenting her six month solo mission around South America investigating the amphibian extinction crisis  became a ‘a media sensation’ (The Times) and attracted the attention of National Geographic, Huffington Post and TakePart Media – all of whom she  regularly blogs for.

Lucy has also written for National Geographic, the Saturday Telegraph Magazine, The Guardian, Mail on Sunday and Weekend. Her work for the Mail on Sunday travel section recently earned her the runner-up LATA travel writer of the year award.


♦ Lucy Cooke: My Disastrous Meeting with David Attenborough - The Telegraph (9 July 2014)

♦ Brazil Without the Football: Lucy Cooke Reveals What World Cup Fans Will be Missing – Mail on Sunday Travel (9 Mar 2014)

♦ Thank You for Not Smoking Bird Brains: The Wack Reason Vultures Are Dying in South AfricaTakePart (29 Apr 2013)

♦ A Mistake Not to Make With One of the World’s Most Poisonous FrogsTakePart (22 Apr 2013)

♦ These Baby Sloths Are Adorable—So Why Are We Standing By While They’re Kidnapped?TakePart (19 Mar 2013)

♦ Freaks and Creeps: South Africa’s Freaky FiveNational Geographic (31 July 2012)

Small Huffington H Logo - Articles by Lucy Cooke♦ Narrowly Escaping Death Filming Freaks & Creeps - National Geographic (24 July 2012)

♦ Unlikely Cute Animal of the Week: Sid the Baby Pangolin – Huffington Post (30 July 2012)

♦ Borneo: A Land of Dwarves and Deadly Giants - Huffington Post (24 July 2012)

♦ Unseen South America: Warriors, Waves and Wild Beaches on a Colombian Adventure - Mail on Sunday Travel (22 July 2012)

♦ Moveover Meercats! Lazy? Sloths Are a Lot Livelier  Than You Think, Says the Woman Behind a TV Show That Will Give Them a Turn in the Limelight Femail (24 Feb 2012)

♦ In Search of the Lost Frog of ColumbiaThe Telegraph (18 Nov 2010)

♦ My Scatological Jungle AdventureThe Telegraph (15 Mar 2010)


In addition to writing for some of the world’s biggest publications, Lucy Cooke has also been featured in them. Below you’ll find just a few of them.

◊ Talk to the Animals: the search for a new Attenborough continues – The Telegraph (16 Jul 2014)

◊ Is Lucy Cooke the next David Attenborough? Radio Times (16 July 2014)

Articles by or about Lucy Cooke - in The Telegraph

◊ Can We Really Talk to the Animals - The Express (12 July 2014)

◊ Lucy Cooke: Is She the Next David Attenborough?The Times (3 July 2014)

◊ Special Squeaky Sloth Video- National Geographic (10 April 2014)

◊ A Little Book of Sloth - Publishers Weekly Starred Review (1 July 2013)

◊ Lucy Cooke’s Sloth Advocacy Puts Animals In Spotlight To Help Save ThemHuffington Post (6 May 2013)

◊ How Sloths Took Over Pop Culture, The WorldTime (22 Mar 2013)

◊ How Lucy Cooke Became The ‘Steven Spielberg of [Cute] Sloth Filmmaking’ and Helped Save Ugly Animals - Indiewire (30 Oct, 2012)

◊ The Natural History TV Report - Televisual (22 Oct 2012)

◊ Animal (Un) Attraction –  New TV Show Unmasks the Planet’s Ugliest Creatures - Daily Mail (14 August 2012)

◊ Finding Beauty in the BeastsThe Times Wildlife (14 August 2012)

◊ Lucy Cooke: The War on Cute WildlifeThe Guardian (14 Aug 2012)

◊ ‘He’s got a Giant nose, pot belly, wind and Donald Trump hair….’ – Passionate Plea for Our ‘Less Cuddly’ Endangered Species The Sun (14 Aug 2012)

◊ The slow shall inherit the Earth – The Independent (17 Mar 2012)

◊ The Sloths are Coming! Behind the Scenes of a New Program on Animal Planet- Scientific American (12 Dec 2011)

◊ How Sloths Took Over the Internet (Slowly) – The Guardian (12 July 2010)